Colony drops flatland program

The Colony Cube – get one whist you can because there will be no more (image:

Colony BMX has announced an end to its flatland program.

In a statement posted on the company’s website the Australian BMX brand noted unsustainability as a reason for the move.

“Through our strong position within BMX as a whole we have been able to support this for some time but at some point we needed the flatland program to support itself”, says Clint Millar, Colony Guvnor.

“Unfortunately this has not been the case & after much deliberation & sadness we have had to pull the plug”, says Millar.

It’s not all bad though, long time team riders Simon O’Brien, Shane Badman and Shintaro Misawa will still be supported.

The move is another blow for flatland in Australia, which is still feeling the loss Newcircle only a few months ago.